I went on a first date to Las Vegas. During my “I’m going to be a serial dater phase” I made the impulsive and very dumb decision to go on a last-minute date to Las Vegas. We chose to drive from LA to Las Vegas which is about a 4-hour drive.

I had started talking to this man about a week before the spontaneous date. We had been struggling to nail down a date simply because of my work schedule. We had discussed our love for Las Vegas and gambling and blah blah blah. Well, the day finally came where we decided to just go. I made a plan with my roommate to stay safe. She would text periodically, and I was to send back a secret word to her questions. Example, Roommate, “How’s it going?” My response, “Banana Pancakes.” That way she would know it was me and everything was ok. Other steps I took were sharing my location and reaching out to a friend who lived in Vegas to make him aware of my idiot idea in case I needed help.

Day of the date… I packed my carry-on suitcase with the perfect dress to go out in the evening, bikinis for the pool, and of course lingerie. I dressed cute but comfy, knowing there was a long drive ahead of us. When I received the text that he had arrived, I knew this was my last chance to either back down or live on the edge and just do it. I did it. (Literally shaking my head at my stupidity) I walked out of my apartment and to the street to hop into his BMW and be on our merry way to Las Vegas… or so I thought.

First thing I discovered was that he was still working while we were driving, which I’m ok with guilty of that myself. It was the type of work he did that I wasn’t ok with. He ran repair companies that had several different names and numbers, but you were in fact calling the same place. He had the same person call about a fridge repair and each call quoted them higher and higher. Then he laughed it off calling her stupid and explaining himself. I helped run the operations department at a large treatment facility and I have been on the other side trying to find repair person for something urgent but also cost effective, so I was pissed. (RED FLAG)

Cut to about an hour later, he starts discussing his love for Trump and how he’s going to make America great again. (RED FUCKING FLAG) I started to debate with him a little bit but quickly retreated as we were now in the desert and still 2 ½ hours away from Las Vegas. So, I texted my roommate giving her the heads up that this was a terrible idea and she was right. It was this moment that I started trying to figure out my escape plan while also having a little bit of hope that he could redeem himself.

When we stopped for gas, we decided to switch drivers so he could get some work done and book our hotel. He had just moved here from another country, so this first part is forgivable. He was trying to use his credit card to pay at the pump and didn’t know his zip code. I don’t know what he tried at first but then he asked me for mine, and when that didn’t work, he went inside to harass the attendant. He came back cursing, calling her an idiot, and using racial slurs under his breath. He still couldn’t pump the gas and she came over to help him. (RED FLAG)

I’m FULLY aware at this point how TERRIBLE of an idea this was but thankfully Vegas was like my second home. I frequented Las Vegas a lot as my quick little getaway from Los Angeles.  I had a plan in place, all I had to do was get through the night. Of which I did with copious amounts of tequila and making friends with ANYONE and EVERYONE. The final straw for me though was dinner. We went to the little Italian restaurant at the Wynn and devoured some tasty pasta. When the check came, I decided to chip in extra for the waitress. She was so kind and sweet and since I had won some money at the tables I decided to give her an extra $100. What I didn’t know was, after I got up from the table and started walking away, he pocketed that money and then some. The waitress came running after us letting us know we hadn’t left enough money. I was embarrassed.

We got back up to the hotel room, started making out, slept together, and fell asleep. Well, he fell asleep. I waited about an hour, just to make sure he was asleep, got dressed, grabbed my bag, and as quiet as possible bolted out of that room. I briskly walked to the elevators, proceeded to the lobby, and made to the Wynn. For those that don’t know, Encore is connected to the Wynn via a long hallway filled with luxury shops and of course there famous XS night club. I checked myself into the Wynn.

After getting to my room, I texted him saying I had to leave because of work and I was already on my way back to LA. I know shitty but, I just had the worst 12 hours of my life and all I wanted to do was go to sleep. I couldn’t help thinking though, if this had worked out, how dope of a story it would have been! Just a few hours later I woke up to my phone blowing up with texts and continuous phone calls.

I relaxed for a little while, ordering room service and watching movies until I decided I wanted to go home. I didn’t believe him that he had left and at this point I definitely didn’t want to run into him. So, I booked the next flight out of Vegas leaving in an hour and a half. I called the front desk to check out, packed up my belongings, and bolted to the taxi’s. I made it to the airport just in time for boarding. I felt a sense of relief and could NOT wait to be home.

Well, the universe had another plan. About 30 minutes after boarding, they make an announcement, our flight will be delayed due to waiting on our pilot or something I can’t remember. All I remember is that we were told to hang tight and it wouldn’t be long. Then another 30 minutes goes by and we are informed again our flight will be delayed another hour but to relax and we will still not be deplaning. At this point I’ve now made friends with the gentlemen sitting behind me and the woman sitting next to me and have told them all about why I was in Las Vegas. We all decided to get off the plane for a bit until we were actually going to take off. I offered up my United lounge passes for us to go get some free drinks while we waited to be able to take off.

We returned to the gate just in time to hear they’re deplaning and waiting for a different plane to arrive. It would be another hour and a half before our flight would leave. So, we all went to a little bar to grab a bit to eat. By the end of this whole escapade, I hit it off with one of those guys and we exchanged numbers. I finally landed at LAX 6 hours later, extremely exhausted but, I wasn’t filled with regret about my decision. Yes, it was stupid. 100% But, I got the opportunity to meet some really great people who I otherwise wouldn’t have. ZERO REGERTS!