So it’s Mercury Retrograde… that’s right I said it. January 30th– February 20th. Just in case you were wondering.

Yes, I’m one of those people into astrology and horoscopes.. sue me. Mercury is one of my ruling planets so I make sure to mark my calendar. I went as far as making sure my website for my blog was ready January 29thto play it safe. This one is in Aquarius, it’s a time to look back and handle any unfinished business, as well as reflecting on past lessons. It wants us to focus on working towards greater good, foster a sense of community, cultivate greater individuality, and perfecting technological and scientific endeavors.

Most important thing we can do right now is lean into lessons. It’ll help you pull through this retrograde and probably make you a little better. Here are a couple things to try out:

  • Reconnect with Old Friends and Colleagues
  • Apply for that job, volunteer opportunity, or whatever you may have put on the back burner.
  • Understand Humanitarian causes you wish to support
  • ALWAYS back up your technology and update your tech
  • Prioritize Rational Thinking
  • Embrace your quirkiness

Now, to the reason WHY I even started this blog post.

I started with a whole paragraph detailing what happened but how about this. I was such a space cadet and not being present. Went into the bathroom, grabbed my “Mouth Wash” (which is actually Oil pulling), 6 pumps and started swishing. Was a little thrown off at first, the texture was a little thicker then normal, and the taste was pretty strong. “Shit, I should have shook it and the oil has probably hardened a little bit because its colder.” About FIVE minutes in, YES FIVE MINUTES, I realized what I had done. I was swishing my LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER. The bottles are exactly the same and for some reason I decided to do some more organizing. Well that backfired and I was traumatized.

So, yes, Mercury Retrograde effects me.